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The fragile ecosystem of Ile-a-Vache

Ile-a-Vache is a beautiful place but its ecosystem is fragile and water here is rare and precious. Most islanders do not even have access to safe drinking water. At Suites la Colline we promote various means to protect the environment and to minimize our ecological impact. For example we use only rain water that we collect mostly in October and May. As a consequence, a level of water consumption that would seem normal in other settings may rapidly deplete our water supply.

Also, our hot water is produced by solar water heaters. This is very ecological but the quantity of hot water is limited. When solar heating becomes insufficient, water is heated by electricity produced by a diesel generator.

The following suggestions may seem  a bit cumbersome but they are essential to preserve water (and hot water). We would very much appreciate if you could follow them:

Take short showers (open water, get wet, close water, use soap, open water, rinse, close water)

Use hot water mostly for washing long hair and young children (Be careful! Water is very hot!)

Do not flush the toilet every time after urinating (this is embarrassing to mention but it is very important: toilets use an immense amount of water)

Do not let water flow when brushing teeth

Reuse towels as much as possible (we will replace towels that are left on the floor)

We thank you warmly for accepting these small inconveniences that will make a big difference for the environment by enacting sustainable tourism on Ile-a-Vache.

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