Suites la Colline is located on top of a hill on Ile-a-Vache, an island in front of the city of Les Cayes in the South Department of Haiti. From Port-au-Prince, you must first get to the wharf at Les Cayes (four hours by car or 40 minutes by plane) and then a private boat will transport you to Ile-a-Vache from there (30-45 minutes). What follows gives more information about the various transportation options. You may also get in touch with us (see the Contact section) and we will be more than happy to assist your with your transportation planning.

By car

We suggest that you use SECOM Rent-a-Car (+509-2942-2941 or a driver will pick you up at your hotel or at the airport in Port-au-Prince and will drive you to the wharf at Les Cayes (approximately 4 hours). Please note that you must leave Port-au-Prince no later than noon if you want to get to Ile-a-Vache on the same day. You may also use your own car, which you can park safely near the wharf at Les Cayes.


By bus

There is a comfortable bus service between Port-au-Prince and Les Cayes. In Les Cayes, mototaxis will bring you to the wharf. Again, you must leave Port-au-Prince before noon if you want to get to Ile-à-Vache on the same day.


By plane

Private planes can be chartered from the Guy Malary Airport in Port-au-Prince to the airport near Les Cayes. Availability and prices vary so contact Mr. Réginald Auguste (+509-3464-5550 or who will give you more information. The one-way fee is in the order of $750. 

The boat ride between Les Cayes and Ile-a-Vache

From the wharf at Les Cayes, you will be brought to Ile-a-Vache in a motor boat similar to those of the Jamaican traffickers who used to come to Ile-à-Vache in the not so distant past. Their journey from Jamaica took 18 hours but yours will be only 30-45 minutes, which is sufficient however to appreciate the ride. The one-way fee is $35 for one or two persons plus 15$ for each additional person (maximum 6 persons per boat).

When available, you may also use the comfortable boats of Abaka Bay Hotel ( or +509-3721-3691). The one-way fee is $20 per person.

By helicopter

This is the only way not to take the boat and it is ideal if you are in a hurry. The flight is approximately 40 minutes from Port-au-Prince to Ile-a-Vache. There is a heliport next to Abaka Bay Hotel, a five-minute walk to Suites la Colline. You can make a reservation with Helico SA ( or The one-way fee is in the order of $1500.