Give yourself the privilege of doing nothing. Just relax and enjoy the beauty in a hammock. Listen to the sea. Read those books that have been waiting for too long. Enjoy the fabulous cuisine. Watch the sun set on the sea. And after all that, if you still have time, here are a few other suggestions to enjoy life at its best.
Hôtel Ile-à-Vache Haïti
Hôtel Ile-à-Vache Haïti

Boat excursions

Boat excursions allow you to discover the beautiful rocky cliffs of the  coast of Ile-a-Vache and to get to remote and otherwise inaccessible beaches. Lovers Island, a white sand dune in the middle of turquoise crystal-clear waters, is absolutely unforgettable.  

The beach


The Abaka Bay beach, one of the most beautiful in the world according to Condé Nast Traveller, is a five-minute walk down the hill. We provide beach towels. We can also prepare a light snack for you or a luxurious picnic on the beach. You may use the amenities and services of our neighbour and partner, Abaka Bay Hotel, which is directly on the beach. You pay at the end of your stay, so there is no need to bring money with you at the beach.

Hôtel Ile-à-Vache Haïti
Hôtel Ile-à-Vache Haïti


Ile-a-Vache is beautiful, sprinkled with small villages with typical painted houses, a large variety of trees and flowers, small manioc and maze fields with cactus fences, and hills and cliffs with spectacular views. Hiking is a must, especially that there are no cars on the island. Our experienced local guides will accompany you in your discovery. We will prepare a snack for the journey if you so desire.

Horseback riding

Another great way to discover the island is to just ride a horse. The island is a paradise for horseback riding because there are innumerable scenic paths, cliffs and beaches, and not a single car. Our experienced guides will accompany you in your exploration of the island's beauty. 

Hôtel Ile-à-Vache Haïti
Hôtel Ile-à-Vache Haïti

Prices of activities


Snack to take out (sandwiches)- $10 per person

Luxurious picnic on the beach - $40 per person (minimum 4 persons; reserve 48 hours in advance)

Boat excursions - $60 per half-day (maximum 6 persons)

Guide service - $10/hour

Horseback riding - $15/hour/person (minimum 2 hours)